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Asylum Seekers and Refugees

Since November 2021, our village is hosting approximately 600 asylum seekers and refugees who are temporarily residing at our local hotels. Many of these individuals and families will eventually be processed and located in other forms of accommodation. Ever since their arrival St John’s Church has been keen to add value to their stay in our village. We have supported them with emergency clothing and goods as well have supported the children to find appropriate schooling. We offer several translation opportunities during our church services and run an International Café also known as the I-Café set up by a group of local volunteers aimed to help many of our local Refugees and Asylum Seekers in learning English. This I-Café is open for all people, young and old, regardless of if you have lived here since birth or just arrived. British or non-British everyone is welcome! The sessions are run on Monday and Thursday and Saturday with time for chats, games, English classes a cup of coffee or Tea and something to eat. 

If you would like to get involved, or want to support this work you can do one of the following:

(1) For any gift in kind such as clothing please contact Sussex Aid for Refugees [click here] they will be able to inform you about the latest requests and needs for our local Asylum Seekers and Refugees

(2) If you would like to volunteer in any future projects to support Asylum Seekers and Refugees than contact our church office on 01342 712063

(3) If you would like to  financially contribute to our Asylum Seekers and Refugee fund by clicking on the donate button here below (select "Asylum Seekers & Refugees Fund"):



(4) Finally, on Sunday 20 November 2022 we started a campaign to ask our our MP to urge our government to "Accelerate right to work and processing times for asylum seekers" to join this petition click on the icon here below: 

Share Your Petition —

Once you have filled in the details click “sign this petition” on, don’t pay for it but click on “No I’ll share instead” and then you can share it …or press “copy the link” to continue. It is IMPORTANT you do this to be able to press “continue”. You will now get a confirmation email which you do need to reply to, as this is you “signature” of confirmation.

Many thanks for all your support!