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Christingle Service on The Green


On Sunday 13th December at 3pm we hope to enjoy an open air Christingle Service on The Green. Make your own Christingle lantern, book online and come along! To book a ticket click below:

Christingle SERVICE ticket 

To sing along with the Carols click here:  [Christingle Carol Sheet]   
Important information for those attending on the day: [click here]


Make you own Christingle Lantern

Christingles are traditionally made using an orange, candle, ribbon and sweets or dried fruit. They represent the light of Jesus and the message of hope for the world. The candle represents
Jesus, the light of the world.  The red ribbon shows the love of Jesus and His forgiveness for the world.  The 4 clusters of sequins are the 4 seasons, which remind us of God’s
creation.  To make your alternative Christingle Lantern in a Jar you need the following: A jam jar, a tea light candle, scissors a paint brush, orange tissue paper,  red ribbon or paper, stickers or sequins
PVA glue (mixed with water) and a string.


1. Glue a strip of orange tissue paper around the bottom
of the jar. Use the paintbrush and be generous with the glue.
2. Tie the ribbon around the orange paper.
3. Stick the sequins in 4 groups around the top half of the jar.
4. If you are coming to the Christingle Service, create a
handle using string around the top of the jar.
5. Light the candle carefully.


Finally share your lantern photos at #lovecopthornethischristmas

To download these instructions: [click here]